BOSTON - With Daylight Savings in the rear view mirror, temperatures bracingly low and nights arriving earlier and earlier with every passing day, it is clear that winter is officially here. If you do not have love for the season or some spurts of Christmas cheer within you, then you might feel miserable being in Boston right now.


If you’re looking for a way to quickly inject Christmas spirit and joy into your life by seeing Boston in a non-dreary way this winter, then look no further than Illuminus. Illuminus is a modern art festival in Boston that brightens up the city with a celebration of light.


Taking place in downtown Boston, Illuminus will transform a number of buildings in the Financial District into showcases of modern art installations. In addition to the artwork, interactive light shows and decorative displays also take over the district at 100 Summer Street. Crowds for the event are expected to eclipse fifty thousand people as the festival returns for its fifth consecutive year.


Describing the event, co-founder Lyn Burke points out that the festival isn't just about the lights but the people.


“Here, you interact not only with the art, drawing, painting, and shifting the light that transforms the buildings downtown. But you also get to interact with the other attendees, so it’s a fun way to meet new people.”


Burke also remarked that one installation was a glowing heart that needed two people to light up the whole thing. That sounds lovely to me!


In addition to putting a spotlight on the Financial District, a spotlight is also shone on local artists who focus on topics that are considered untraditional. The embrace of technology to bring this art to the forefront is what makes Illuminus unique. This is the first time that Illuminus is coming to the Financial District, but it is the fifth consecutive year that the show will be in Boston.


Right near South Station and Downtown Crossing in 2019, Illuminus will take place on December 5 and December 6. It’s only two nights, but it still makes for a great way to bring some brightness into some of the darkest, coldest nights in Boston on the year.


Image Via Flickr/Micharl Foto