BOSTON - For about a month now, we have been tracking the development of the first snow of the season. It is a point of interest for everyone in the northeast because we want to know when we have to prepare to plow, shovel, or work from home. As a kid, I loved the idea of snow because it meant sledding and snowball fights and watching the bottom of local television news stations to see if my school was one that was canceled for the day.

As an adult, I love snow for entirely different reasons. Yes, I have to shovel now and, if not cautious, the work can be back-breaking. But I still love the aesthetic of it. Seeing snow blanket the landscapes I live near always makes my heart feel so warm.

Considering that we live in the state of Massachusetts, though, this is obviously not true for everyone. For many, snow is the most dreaded aspect of the winter. But over the course of Sunday night and Monday morning, there was a ton of snow that covered the state, leading to numerous school, workplace, and university closures, as shared by

But just how much snow was there? According to Kelly Ann Cicalese, a meteorologist for WCVB, the reports of the snow vary to great degrees.

Cape Cod has remained largely untouched, according to the radar maps. Another coastal region near Boston, especially at the Logan Airport, received just over an inch of snow overnight. But central Massachusetts was hit with nine inches of snow. Northern Massachusetts areas, like Fitchburg, received just under one foot of snow. And western regions like Hawley and southern regions like Northbridge received a whopping thirteen inches of snow.

Additionally, per the research and maps from Cicalese, snow returned to similar intensity over the course of Monday night into Tuesday morning as regions that had largely avoided the mass amounts of snow that some parts got were subject to the fluffy white stuff.

Not everyone dreaded the mass amount of snow, though. Thanks to, they shared a flurry of social media images of the first snow of the season and many thought it was just as magical as I felt it was!

Image Via Wikimedia Commons