Wareham, MA - Legal Marijuana store Verilife is open. Located in Wareham, Massachusetts, the shop sells both medical & recreational cannabis, and pot smokers from the 70s likely think it's 'far out' that this has finally happened. Specifically speaking, Verilife will offer a variety of recreational marijuana sorts, including but not limited to, pre-rolled products, oils, edibles, vapor cartridges, etc.

There is one thing that all buyers should know, though, according to Shelley Stormo, Executive Director of Verilife Wareham, and that’s to order recreational products online. Stormo stated in an interview that pre-ordering the recreational products of your choice is the best way to go, especially considering you’ll be guaranteed the product you want. All buyers are more than welcome to head on down to the shop to make their selection, but Stormo warns everyone that if that’s the route they choose, they may not have said products in stock. There is a possibility that Verilife may be out of stock of that product, or it may not be available at that time. If you choose to order online, estimated arrival and shipping times will be stated, and you’ll be guaranteed the product you want.

Customers can pre-order any products they desire by heading over to the Leafly website or mobile app.

Another little fact you should know is that if you’re looking to purchase recreational marijuana from Verilife, you will not be able to park your car at the store’s location; only medical marijuana customers can do so. Instead, recreational buyers will have to park down the street, approximately three miles away, in the Water Wizz parking lot. Don’t worry, though, as a shuttle will be running back and forth from the parking lot to Verilife throughout the day to pick up customers and bring them back to their vehicles.

All customers must be 21 years of age or older to buy any products within the store. This is a cash only operation with an ATM on-site for those of you that don’t carry cash. Keep in mind, in the beginning stages, the ATM may run out of cash, so it may be best to head to your bank before arriving at Verilife.

Learn more at Verilife.com.