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The Citgo Sign Is Here To Stay; Deal Reached To Preserve The Monument

The Citgo Sign Is Here To Stay; Deal Reached To Preserve The Monument

Boston, MA - In a joint statement from Citgo, Related Beal, Boston University, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a deal was announced that the famed Citgo sign in Kenmore Square will remain "for years to come." This news follows a request from the Boston Landmarks Commission earlier this month which petitioned that the sign should gain status as a landmark in Boston.

The Citgo sign was first erected in 1940 with a different logo, later replaced with the trimark in 1965. With a Cities Services station originally in the building, the sign was actually never related to a Citgo gas station.

In 1979, Governor Edward King ordered that the lights be turned off to symbolize a move towards energy conservation, but when Citgo announced plans to actually dismantle the aging sign, public outcry began. In the hearts of many Bostonians, the sign had become a part of the historic aesthetic of Kenmore. Protests lead the Boston Landmarks Commission to postpone disassembly, and the Citgo sign was later refurbished in 1983 to a cheering crowd.

The Citgo sign has remained operational since that time, but this announcement, which carried with it a veto from Mayor Walsh over the conversion of the sign into a true landmark, seems to protect the future of the monument for the foreseeable future.