BOSTON - As if it is not confusing enough to ride the Commuter Rail through Boston on the MBTA, some changes are coming to Boston's transit system that will make it even more of a hassle. It will, however, be beneficial for pedestrians of the city.

The MBTA is currently prepping a plan to bring new fare collection gates to the three busiest commuter rail stations. The fare gates will be placed at the outset of the station lobbies so as to cut down on the funneling of passengers into one location. According to Keolis Commuter Services, which runs the rail, this will reduce clutter and result in higher quality fare collection for the MBTA.

The North Station will be first in line to implement a new collection gate in early 2020 with the Back Bay and South Station set to receive them at a later point, as shared by the Boston Globe.

In theory, this move should end up as one that would help improve the quality, efficiency, and spatial fortitude of the MBTA stations. By targeting the busiest ones, headaches could be reduced tenfold. Of course, this is all on paper that this plan would actually be implemented in such a way to yield these results. It remains to be seen if the tangible impact will actually be felt by wary city travelers. And with the reputation that precedes the MBTA, I am not necessarily inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. With this, you have to take a wait and see approach, as one does with all MBTA changes.

This will likely go down as one of the last decisions to improve the quality of the MBTA made in 2019. The entire autumn has been designated as one for the MBTA to make its repairs and improvements to cease the endless barrage of problems and failures of the public transportation system in Boston. It remains a work in progress, but I remain hopeful. Perhaps the hope is against my better judgment, but I have a good feeling that, by this time in 2020, the MBTA will be an efficient, smooth-running machine. Knock on wood.

Image via Wikimedia Commons