Boston, MA - In the world of sports (and especially in Boston, which has adopted the moniker of Titletown after winning ten professional sports championships in the past seventeen years, including five additional runner-up sports, all of which have been spread out over the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins), there are many that are popular, but for the most part, people consider many sports to be playing second fiddle to the "big four" sports. That would mean, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. However, right now, it feels like professional sports might be in a transition into a "big three."

Hockey will always have a passionate following, but in Boston and in the nation, the devotion feels like it's waning.

The Patriots have essentially become the must-see team in New England, which is understandable considering they're the greatest dynasty in football history. The Celtics are the favorites in the Eastern Conference so all eyes have been on them, as well. And with the Red Sox in the World Series, Boston is back to its core of being a baseball town.

But the Bruins just don't garner headlines like the other teams do. Obviously, it is the biggest sports month of the year so it's hard to fight for attention. But even the players and prospective championships for the NHL are consistently lacking in attention that matches that of some of the other teams.

Boston sports media members have even mentioned that the teams of Boston have a good chance to go three for three on championships in this year, completely overlooking the Bruins.

If you're looking to help with a Bruins Renaissance, though, keep supporting them. They just won back to back games against the Ottawa Senators and the Philadelphia Flyers by a combined score of 7-1. The goaltending was great and players like David Pastrnak, Charlie McAvoy, and Zdeno Chara have stepped up to carry the team. From young upstarts to old favorites, there's still a lot to love about the Bruins.

The Bruins play their arch rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, at home tomorrow. If you want to help make the Bruins popular again, that's not a bad time to start. (If you can pull yourself away from the World Series, that is.)