BOSTON - If you are looking to take in a gorgeous show with stunning, agile performers who are among the best ballet dancers in the entire world, then you need not look any further than the Boston Ballet.

First founded in 1963 by Sydney Leonard and E. Virginia Williams, the Boston Ballet was the first professional ballet organization of its kind throughout the region of New England and it has maintained its esteemed status for decades.

With performances of The Taming of the ShrewSwan LakeDon Quixote, and Le Sacre du Printemps over the years, the Boston Ballet has earned its prestigious reputation and has become one of the top repertory ballet groups in the country. They are certainly world-renowned and always trying something creative. We have such immediate access to them, as well!

For the 11th year, the Boston Ballet will perform at the Boston Opera House as its exclusive venue, as shared by The Boston Globe. And just yesterday, they announced their 57th performance season. It's projected to be a great year for the Boston Ballet.

The season begins on November 5, 2020, and it will run all the way through to May 30, 2021. The first performance is known as the "Triple Bill," with choreography conducted exclusively by Bill Forsythe, running from November 5 to November 15. Debuting on November 27 and running through to New Year's Eve is the traditional return of The Nutcracker, which is a beloved favorite in Boston.

The Boston Ballet will go on a hiatus in January before returning for a ten-day run of Titans from February 18 to February 28. Then, from March 4 to March 14, A Midsummer Night's Dream will captivate audiences. As the penultimate show, the esteemed The Sleeping Beauty will take over from April 30 to May 16. Lastly, ChoreograpHER will run from May 20 to May 30, with choreography completed by Lia Cirio, Melissa Hough, Nanine Linning, Shantell Martin, and Tiler Peck.

To purchase tickets at the subscription rate, they will be available beginning on March 10. This is slated to be an astonishing season for the Boston Ballet and I certainly wouldn't want to miss out on it, even if you only have the slightest interest in attending!

Image via Flickr/David Gandy