BOSTON – If you thought the RMS Titanic, which is arguably the most famous ship in all of history, was a big boat, wait until you see the MSC Meraviglia. As Roy Scheider said in Jaws, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But I do not believe that even Scheider imagined something this big. The MSC Meraviglia is so large, in fact, that it will become the largest ship to ever port in Boston, Massachusetts when it arrives in the harbor of the city later this month on October 26.

This ship, which has a name that means “wonder” in Italian, has been on the waters overseas since 2017, ever since its inception in Switzerland. Now, however, the Meraviglia is preparing to conduct its first journey to islands in the Caribbean and, as such, it is making its first ever tour in North America, porting at numerous cities. It is so big that it is not just the biggest cruise ship to ever come to Boston, but also the biggest to ever arrive in Portland, Maine and in Manhattan, New York. That’s pretty big.

It is a ship that can fit just under 4,500 passengers so if you do the math on that, the sheer size of the ship itself is enormous. It is over 1,000 feet long and comes with 19 separate decks on the ship. In terms of its weight, it comes in at 171,000 gross tons. I’m not sure what separates a ton from a gross ton, but whatever it is, it must be pretty heavy. I doubt that even I would be able to lift it!

Included on the ship are a number of extremely lavish amenities, including a mezzanine shopping complex, an arcade, multiple theaters, a dining area with seaside views, and more. The cabins on the ships themselves come with complete furnishings, lounge areas, and, in some cases, balconies accompanied with whirlpools. That is all without even mentioning the outdoor amenities, which includes three different water slides.

With all of these features, the Meraviglia may not just be the biggest ship to come to Boston in terms of size. It is also likely the biggest ship to come to Boston in terms of price!

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash