Boston, MA - Boston meteorologists claim that this week may hold the hottest temperatures of the year thus far.

Boston citizens have heard, via the weatherman, that temperatures may exceed 100°F this upcoming Sunday through Tuesday. However, not many people are in a rush to believe this information.

As many of us know, meteorologists have a difficult time predicting weather that far in advance. For instance, this past weekend the weather was supposed to be somewhat rainy. In certain Boston areas, there was no rain at all. In other areas, there were sporadic rain showers. Though this may have been a false forecast given to us by the weatherman, it also may have been a simple shift in the weather that no meteorologist could have predicted. Even some stood up for the surrounding meteorologists in this semi-wrong forecast, stating that summer rain is very different than winter rain; Summer rain can be sporadic without reason, whereas winter rain tends to cover huge areas of New England at once.

Even still, other citizens are not accepting this upcoming weeks forecast of 100°F. They encourage their surrounding neighbors to not grow worried, as there is still time for the weather forecast to change drastically. It’s still far enough out that we cannot be sure of it actually happening.

Just in case, though, I would say prepare for the worst. Be sure to check your AC’s and load up on some H2O. Even if the temperatures are not as high as predicted, the humidity may still drain us of our energy.

I think it’s safe to say summer is finally here, for those of you who love hot weather. For those of you who are not the biggest fan of high temperatures such as these, get to the beach, hop in a pool, or stay in front of an air conditioner while Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday pass us by. Remember to apply sun screen if you’re staying outside, though.

Keep in mind, it’s a good thing it’s only supposed to be this hot for three days.