Boston, MA– A teenager was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital after jumping from a fourth-floor interior balcony at a Boston courthouse. The boy, whose name is not being released because he is a minor, is in stable condition with several serious injuries, reports MassLive.

The teen had recently been arrested on domestic assault charges and was at the courthouse to attend his juvenile court date. According to Massachusetts State Police: “The victim apparently jumped from a balcony facing an inner atrium down to the first floor."

The Daily Mail reported the account of witness Henry Monroig (see video below), a senior pastor at Hyssop Ministry in Boston who heard the boy fall and saw the aftermath. According to Monroig, he was at the Edward W. Brooke courthouse on the morning of April 22 when he heard a loud 'bang' around 10:50 a.m. He immediately rushed out to the atrium and saw the teenager lying on the floor and a woman screaming on the fourth floor. A witness reported that the boy looked between 13 and 16 years old at the time of the incident.

Monroig posted his account of the incident in a Facebook Live video. He said, "The saddest, most upsetting scene was seeing a bunch of adults recording the scene," rather than calling 911 or administering first aid. Monroig said he made the 911 call himself while also trying to support the boy's head and take off his jacket. He was very frustrated by the response of the other witnesses, who were only thinking of capturing the incident on video.

Monroig said: "All I was hearing was screaming from people, especially screaming from a woman." Monroig speculated that the woman, who was up on the fourth floor, must be the young man's mother. She was accompanied by a younger woman, who was also crying.

The boy was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is being treated for serious injuries and remains in stable condition.

The incident is still under investigation by state police.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / M2545