Foxborough, MA – Pop singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has given away hundreds of tickets to the Weymouth, MA police for her upcoming Massachusetts concert. This gesture is a response to the death of Sgt. Michael Chesna, a Weymouth police officer who was fatally shot on duty on July 15th. According to Capt. John Dougan of the Quincy police, remaining tickets were passed along to his city’s force, and other neighboring police departments who aided the Weymouth force following the tragic incident.

Mayor of Weymouth, Robert Hedlund, said that he felt the gesture was genuine and not a publicity stunt. He claimed that the tickets were distributed in a “low-key manner.” On the number of tickets, he elaborated, “there were enough to send every police officer, firefighter and extended family to the concert, and then some…The gesture was absolutely generous, significant and appreciated.”

Swift has been known in the past to donate concert tickets or offer other forms of support to concert-goers or those nearby after harmful incidents or unfortunate circumstances. In late May of this year, a girl at Swift’s concert had a seizure and needed to depart from the concert for medical aid. When the singer found out, she invited the young concert-goer backstage to check in and make up for the time she’d lost leaving the concert. Prior to a 2017 concert, Swift learned that a pregnant fan was homeless, so she took her backstage after the show and gave her enough money to buy a home, as well as basic supplies for her unborn baby.

Sgt. Chesna, a 42-year-old officer who received a posthumous rank of sergeant, was shot with his own service gun while investigating a car accident supposedly caused by a reckless driver. The accused killer is 20-year-olde Emanuel Lopes, who is additionally charged with killing 77-year-old widow Vera Adams, who was a bystander in the incident. Lopes has a history of trouble with MA law enforcement and was previously charged with selling cocaine to minors.

Chesna was a veteran of the US Army, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also received a Purple Heart during his time of service. He leaves behind his wife, Cynthia Chesna, and their children, Olivia and Jack (9 years old and 4 years old, respectively).