BOSTON - Last week, Up To Boston shared the news that a board game entitled Gridlock had been designed to model itself after the traffic situation in Boston. For whatever reason, this is emblematic of a larger sense that board games are becoming popular in Boston. The latest news surrounding Boston and board games certainly contributes to this narrative as the city will soon play host to a brand new board game bar that is said to be entirely immersive.

Tavern of Tales is projected to have its grand opening on December 6, as reported by WHDH. It will be a bar like no other in Boston. Billed as an immersive board game bar, Tavern of Tales was designed by Nicholas Chen as a part of his thesis at Boston University two years ago. Now, his dream has finally come to fruition.

The aim of Tavern of Tales is to immerse patrons (who have a very low rate to pay for inclusion) in the board games they are playing while hanging out with their friends. Complete with sound effects, sensory inventions, committed actors, and more, you’ve never seen anything like Tavern of Tales. Chen said it was modeled partly after Disneyland, where cast members are not allowed to break character and are always maintaining themes for the guests.

Currently included in the slew of games that will be played at Tavern of Tales are Above and Below, Eight Minute Empire, Forbidden Island, Mysterium, Robots on the Line, The Resistance, and Tokaido. These games may only be familiar to the biggest board game enthusiasts among us, but each of them, in their twists and turns of strategy and immersion, are perfectly tailored to the driving concept behind Tavern of Tales.

Maybe if it’s successful, too, some classic games will arrive. Imagine playing Monopoly while the actors around you pretend like you are on a share floor on Wall Street? Or you are playing Chutes and Ladders and a trap door opens up underneath you to reveal a slide for you? Or you are playing Life and someone hands you a baby? The possibilities are quite truly limitless.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons