TAUNTON - Per a report yesterday from the Massachusetts State Police, an unnamed woman from Taunton suffered serious injuries when she climbed out of a car window. The 26-year-old sustained life threatening injuries early Sunday morning, but she is currently in recovery at Rhode Island Hospital. Medical professionals expect her to survive the ordeal in spite of the severity of her injuries.

According to the police, the Taunton woman made a move to exit the window on the passenger's side of the car likely while the vehicle was in motion down the highway, as shared by CBS Local. She was found on Interstate 495 in Plainville, Massachusetts on the side of the road by state troopers who immediately tended to her injuries and called for an ambulance.

It remains unclear why someone would try to get out of a car window while moving down a southbound highway at the speeds required to travel on such a highway. Any attempt to figure out her mindset before committing the actions would be foolhardy speculation. It's all conjecture until we learn more from the state police.

According to the Taunton Daily Gazette, there might have been more at play in this bizarre, unfortunate situation than simple shenanigans. The Massachusetts State Police made an arrest of a Taunton man, Joseph Monsini, who was driving the car at the time.

According to the police, Monsini was found to be driving under the influence. He has been initially charged with a DUI with possible further charges pending as the investigation continues. It has yet to be determined whether the Taunton woman who climbed from the car was also under the influence at the time.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons