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Rich in culture & history, Boston's events that have existed for decades. Up To Boston keeps you up-to-date on events in the Greater Boston Area.

Gender Bending Fashion Exhibit Opens at the Museum of Fine Arts

#Boston Events

Boston, MA– In our socially progressive city, you can pretty much wear whatever you want and no one will bat an eye. Guys who enjoy the…

Adrien Lynch

Broadway in Boston: 2019-20 Season

#Boston Events

Boston, MA– Broadway in Boston’s recently announced 2019-20 season has a little bit of everything, from traditional classics, to cult movie musical adaptations, to new…

Adrien Lynch

Chef and Bestselling Author of 'Salt Fat Acid Heat' Samin Nosrat Is Coming to Boston

#Boston Events #Food & Drink in Boston

Boston, MA– The world of celebrity chefs is a peculiar one. It’s a world predicated as much on personality and a questionably derived definition of…

Jeff Bernstone

St. Patrick's and Other Upcoming Parades Around the City

#Boston Events #Local Boston News

Boston, MA– With St Patrick's Day just around the corner, we decided to take a look at some of the most exciting parades for Bostonians in…

Aiden Dobens

A Guide to 'Dine Out Boston' Restaurant Week Winter 2019 (March 3-8 & 10-15)

#Food & Drink in Boston #Boston Events

Boston, MA– Boston's restaurant week 'Dine Out Boston' will run March 3rd-8th and March 10th-15th. Restaurant weeks typically present several fundamental dilemmas. Diners would like to…

Jeff Bernstone

Aerosmith Coming to Springfield this Summer

#Boston Events

Springfield, MA– Aerosmith, the legendary Boston band that has had 21 Top 40 hits over the past five decades, is coming back to play at the…

Jennifer Pacheco

Boston's 'Hempfest' Approved for Only 1 Day, Not the Usual 3

#Local Boston News #Boston Events

After complaints about the event, this September's Hempfest will be shortened to a single day.…

Aiden Dobens

It's Been One Week Since Super Bowl LIII and New England Is Still Giddy

#Boston Sports #Boston Events

Foxborough, MA - Throughout the history of sports, very few cities have been able to claim that they had two professional sports teams simultaneously existing as…

David Mello

Boston Restaurants Served For Violations Regarding Outdoor Patio During Patriots’ Parade

#Food & Drink in Boston #Boston Politics #Boston Events

Boston, MA - The New England Patriots celebrated their Super Bowl win with their fans on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, and it was a delightful day.…

Jennifer Pacheco