Newton, MA - Newton police are now warning all bike riders in the area to beware of tacks in their biking lanes.

Carrie Mosher, a woman who lives in Newton, was riding down a local bike lane recently when she noticed something metallic sticking out of her front tire. As soon as she recognized shiny object, she realized that the bike lane was covered in thumb tacks.

Mosher spoke to the police regarding the incident shortly after. She stated that once she was off her bike, she started picking up as many tacks as she possibly could. Mosher also stated that the tacks were everywhere, and that they were spread out evenly throughout the lane.

In addition to Mosher’s statements regarding the matter, additional local citizens have came forward in agreement with her. Supposedly, tacks have been found in bike lanes more frequently lately, and many locals are coming forward to tell police officers where they’ve seen them spring up.

Though Mosher is one of the only ones willing to go on public record, others still feel uneasy about the matter. Mosher states that once the tacks are noticed, bicycle riders pick them up immediately, but this does no good, considering the tacks just reappear the next week, in different bike lanes. Mosher and friends assume that the person doing this may have a problem with cyclists.

In response to Mosher and other citizens’ complaints, the Newton police have found it best to make everyone in surrounding areas aware of the issue. This past Saturday, the Newton police officers posted to their Facebook page a warning to all cyclists, stating that several tacks were recently found near 210 Nahanton St. In addition to the warning, police are stepping up patrols in the areas where cyclists have found thumb tacks recently. They’re hoping that they’ll catch the person or persons responsible for this act, especially considering getting a flat tire can be the reason for a number of injuries.

Another area that the police will keep an eye on where something like this has happened before will be in the area of Winchester St. If anyone has any information regarding the matter, they are encouraged to call the Newton Police Department at 617-796-2100