BOSTON - Per thirty-six minutes, Tacko Fall is currently averaging an astonishing 42.5 points for the Celtics. Granted, Tacko Fall, the 7'5" Celtics rookie who fought hard for a spot on the roster, has not yet played thirty-six minutes. He has not even played in more than five games yet. But still, that's not a bad thirty-six-minute rate and it indicates that Fall might be the real deal, even though many have doubted his in-game abilities.

On December 20 against the Detroit Pistons, head coach Brad Stevens encouraged the crowd to make some noise before he substituted Tacko Fall into a game where he put up five points. Stevens' daughter told her father to give Boston fans "what they want." There's no denying that they want Fall because the crowd erupted and was on their feet when he finally checked into the game. But that's not the only big turn Fall had this December.

On Monday, December 23, Tacko Fall took to the stage at Symphony Hall to serve as a guest conductor for the Boston Pops in one of their holiday concerts, per The Boston Globe. Dressed in a dapper tuxedo, Fall conducted a rousing rendition of "Sleigh Ride." He felt stiff at first, he said, but eventually started to channel Shaquille O'Neal's conducting turn from 2010. When he gained more confidence, he added spin moves and extra flourishes to the routine and the crowd was as much on his side as they would be if they saw him at the Garden. It was an awesome scene!

Of course, "Sleigh Ride," especially the Pops version of the song, is arguably one of the most famous Christmas songs ever. There was a lot riding on Fall's performance as a conductor because there were likely many people who were in attendance solely because they wanted to hear the Pops play "Sleigh Ride" live. Fall definitely lived up to the hype, though. And after all, nothing says Christmas in Boston like a beloved Celtics player leading the beloved city orchestra in "Sleigh Ride."

As for how the Celtics, as a team, fared with Christmas festivities, 2019 was a good year for them! As a part of the annual Christmas Day slate of NBA games, the Celtics traveled up north to face off against the Toronto Raptors. Joined overseas for the first time in over a year by Enes Kanter, the Celtics thrashed the Raptors by a score of 118-102. It was a merry Christmas indeed for Boston sports fans!

Image via Wikimedia Commons