MEDFORD — A SWAT team was called to a Medford church early Thursday morning after authorities responded to an attempted robbery at a local convenience store. At least one suspect still remains at large.

According to Medford police, officers from Cambridge were called in to respond to an attempted robbery at a 7-11 in Cambridge at approximately 1:46 am. Officers encountered the unidentified male suspect on College Avenue in Somerville, resulting in a brief physical struggle before the suspect was able to escape. Officers allege that the suspect headed in the direction of St. Clement’s Parish on Warner Street in Medford.

At approximately 3:42 am, Medford police investigating the area indicated they saw the doors of the parish open and believed the suspect had barricaded himself inside. The area was immediately secured and a SWAT team from the Northeastern MA Law Enforcement Council was dispatched due to the location and possible connection with a previous armed robbery at a nearby check cashing store.

Hours earlier, Medford police had been called into a report of an armed robbery at PLS Check Cashing on Medford Street on the Medford/Somerville line. Authorities are currently investigating whether the two robberies were related.

Despite several hours of searching the church and the surrounding area, officers were unable to locate the suspect. While the investigation remains underway, authorities believe the suspect may still be potentially armed. No further information was made available.

Image via Wikimedia Commons