Boston, MA - As many Massachusetts residents know, Governor Charlie Baker has come forward with a proposal to legalize sports gambling in the state. However, it has not been passed yet and no further information regarding it has been stated.

For now, Baker and additional officials are looking to Rhode Island’s legalization of the sports gambling to see what direction we, as a state, should be headed in.

As of right now, Rhode Island’s own Twin River Casino is accepting bets on the Patriots upcoming hopeful victory. That’s not the only thing gamblers will be wagering on, though. The booklet present at the Twin River’s sports betting lounge bar has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to what you’ll be betting your money on.

Betting has started and will continue through the game on Sunday. While all bets are being placed, Massachusetts lawmakers will be watching the returns Rhode Island sees. This will prepare our state to decide whether or not legalization of sports gambling would be good for us.

So far, Twin River Casino did not see the numbers they wanted to in their first month of operation. In December 2018, the casino’s located in Lincoln and Tiverton had gamblers bête a little over $13 million. Their initial projection was approximately $68 million. Neither casino reached anywhere near that $68 million number.

Though the first month wasn’t exceptionally great, Rhode Island officials are still assuring the state that revenue figures are likely to pick up in the upcoming months; it may be new, but many other states in the U.S. have experienced great income due to sports gambling. It’s likely that the Super Bowl and the NCAA men’s basketball playoffs in March will bring more revenue into the gambling market.

Even if numbers haven’t spiked just yet, casino officials are happy with other outcomes; according to Craig Sculos, general manager of Twin River’s Casino, a younger clientele has been coming through. Having a wider variety of attendees will increase profits one way or another.

In addition, DraftKings, the Boston-based fantasy sports company has been entering into the sports betting market. As of now, the company is the largest mobile sports wagering service located in New Jersey, and they hope to be the same for other states in the near future.