Boston Police Officer Hospitalized, Hit By Drunk Driver.

The drunk driver struck a police vehicle with the officer sustaining non-life-threatening injuries. [NBC Boston]

Rainfall Totals For Towns, Cities In The State.

Elsa brought heavy rain and flash floods to a  number of communities. [WHDH]

Mattapan Farmers Market Helping Those In Need.

The market is supplying those in need with fresh vegetables and fruits after a tough year caused by the pandemic. [NBC Boston]

More Rain, Flash Flood Warning Issued For Boston.

Many will see more rain this week and flash floods that could cause additional power outages. [NBC Boston]

Fireflies Becoming A Rare Siting In Massachusetts.

With 20 species of fireflies in the state of Massachusetts, it's hard to believe sitings are slim when it comes to fireflies. [Patch]

Billionaire Richard Branson Travels To Space In Own Ship.

“The whole thing, it was just magical," Branson shared after completing the challenging mission. []

Image via Wikimedia Commons