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Sufra Finds Permanent Parking In The Fenway

Sufra Finds Permanent Parking In The Fenway

Boston, MA - If it seems like the trend of food trucks turning brick and mortar might never reach its peak, you’re probably right. From Clover to the Chicken & Rice Guys to Bon Me, it’s a now common part of our dining establishment; and will likely never go away. Now, the Fenway has a new addition to its rapidly changing landscape.

Sufra, a popular Mediterranean food truck which regularly operates in surrounding neighborhoods, will be taking up permanent retail space on Queensberry St at the site of the former Black Jack Pasta Bar.

Mediterranean dishes have never been a stranger to Fenway; from the sadly missed Ankara Cafe to the thankfully long lasting Hidyan Cafe and Gyro City, it stands to average that any neighborhood with a sizable college population is going to need casual, inexpensive and above all satisfying dining options. And Sufra is no different. Items include tabouleh and fatoush salads, chicken shwarma, kibbie and falafel, along with subs, wraps and a selection of freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

While Sufra has yet to indicate its anticipated opening, it faces substantial neighborhood competition from the likes of El Pelón, honeygrow, Thornton’s and Rod-dee; all of which have proven time and again that the Fenway will always be a stickler for casual dining.

For those of you who miss the “authentic” food truck experience (whatever that entails,) you can still find Sufra operating their truck nearby at the Sunoco gas station at 1250 Boylston St on weekdays, as well as BU East on Tuesdays and in front of the Boston Public Library on Fridays.

Sufra will be located at 52 Queensberry St in Boston. Opening date and hours of operation are currently unavailable. For more information, please visit www.sufraofboston.com