BOSTON – When it was announced earlier this year that a "Straight Pride" parade would be held in Boston, many called it out as being anti-LGBTQIA+, a community known for its pride parades. Since straight people have been accommodated since the beginning of time, it's unclear what this contingency hopes to gain by hosting a parade.

Regardless, the "Straight Pride" parade went ahead last Saturday, and yes, there were counter-protests and plenty of online commentary.

Ahead of the parade, the event's organizers held a press conference where they predicted that the event would see over one thousand participants. This conference also resulted in a moment that went viral thanks to the sense of humor of one of the people asking questions. The video was shared by the Twitter account, @OnlyInBOS.

The disappointing mark on the city of Boston was also discussed by many celebrities as the parade became the butt of every joke on Twitter. Jemaine Clement, the star of Flight of the Conchords, Moana, and What We Do in the Shadows joked about how he's embarrassed to be straight now.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also came out on Twitter in staunch opposition to the parade. Aptly, she referred to the event as a parade for people who struggle with masculinity and I do not think I could have put it better myself.

The organizers of the parade were also met with more resistance when it was learned that they possessed ties to groups like the "Proud Boys" and "Resist Marxism," which are two organizations that have been known to have connections to far-right politics and white nationalism. Some carried signs supporting Trump in 2020.

The exact numbers are unclear, but if I had to say which crowd was bigger, it sounds like more protesters came out in Boston to demonstrate against the parade.

As a result, nine people in Boston were transported to the hospital, but none of the injuries sustained during the protests were considered serious. Four police officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. In all, 36 people were arrested during the kerfuffles.

At least the blight of the "Straight Pride" parade is over now.

Image via Twitter / @OnlyInBOS