CANTON – A Stoughton man was arrested Monday afternoon after robbing a Canton CVS with what he alleged was an AIDS-tainted syringe needle, Canton police report.

The incident occurred shortly before 1:00 pm at a CVS located on Washington Street in Canton on Monday afternoon. Officers responding to reports of an armed robbery were told by a store clerk that the suspect, later identified as Ralph Milord, 25, had passed a note to a pharmacist claiming to be in possession of “syringe filled with the AIDS virus,” according to Canton Police Chief Officer Ken Berkowitz.

“He was demanding pills and other narcotics. He claimed that he had a syringe filled with the AIDS virus and that he would infect them if they didn’t comply,” Berkowitz told WHDH.

Officer Sean Good found Milord lurking in an adjacent parking lot after noticing he matched the description of the suspect. When the officer exited his vehicle, the suspect fled to a nearby Mobil gas station. Upon catching up with Milord, he allegedly refused to stop and began to resist arrest, officers indicated. A taser was used to subdue and arrest him.

Officer Glenn Nix later commended the pharmacist for providing a thorough description of the suspect. “As upset as he was, he [was] able to get a lot of information for us,” Nix told WHDH. “He did a great job. He was the key to the whole arrest.”

Milord was later charged with armed robbery. It is uncertain when he’ll appear in court. Officers were unable to recover the syringe and the note Milord allegedly passed, according to Deputy Police Chief Helena Rafferty. There is no indication that any items or money were retrieved during the arrest.

Image via Flickr / Mike Mozart