Boston, MA - Three recently suspended or retired Massachusetts State Troopers were arrested on Wednesday, each charged with misappropriating or falsifying department time and money. All three have allegedly been accused of stealing thousands of dollars through a pattern of fake traffic citations, manipulated timestamps, and other violations which made it appear to the department that they had put in off-duty and over-time hours.

The three men, Paul Cesan (age 50), Gary Herman (age 45), and David Wilson (age 57). Wilson can be seen in the post's photo standing outside the court house on the day of their arrest Each of these State Troopers were members of the now-disbanded Troop E, which is in charge of patrolling the the 138-mile Massachusetts Turnpike from Boston to the New York state border. Their arrest came in the early hours of Wednesday morning; allowing their panic to presumably rise alongside the sun as they were charged with embezzlement from an agency that is receiving federal funds. This investigation itself is what led to the disbandment of the Troop group, which officials now ordering body cameras and GPS' for all police cruisers to ensure that the system can be rid of as much fraudulence as possible-- though, I do wish that came about for many other problems the average citizen has complained about regarding the police departments and power hierarchies.

Officials performing and commenting on the investigation say these men put in for overtime hours for shifts in 2016 that they either left early or did not work at all. A court record that has been provided to the Boston Globe shows examples that sparked the investigation, such as Cesan’s cruiser radio being turned off during a shift he wrote in that he had worked overtime for. In response to his manipulated time sheets, court records show that the police department had paid him up to $29,000 in overtime pay.

United States Attorney Andrew Lelling is the one who called for the investigation and for the three of these mens' arrest, with claims of up to 40 troopers making dishonest claims of overtime hours worked.

In an edition of the story within the Globe, Hank Shaw, FBI special agent who is the head of the Boston Field Division stated that, "These troopers selfishly tarnished the reputation and badge worn proudly by so many other hard working members of the Massachusetts State Police, who put their lives on the line for all of us every each and every day."

Hopefully, these arrests will lead to strides in police oversight and fraud detection with police departments throughout the state.