Medford, MA - An 18 year old is has been charged with the alleged stabbing of a Medford delivery driver with a samurai sword. According to officials, the incident happened in Medford, Massachusetts. The suspect was held with no bail on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Nicholas Davis, age 18, is currently facing charges of armed assault murder, according to reports. The story goes as follows:

Davis ordered food from May’s Café on January 12, 2019. He had the food delivered to the address he was at on Washington Street. When the delivery man came to the door, Davis allegedly stabbed him with a samurai sword he had on hand. The victim’s name was Liang Cheng, a 42-year-old delivery man from the café. According to reports, the delivery man was stabbed from behind. Police stated that Davis had then taken money out of Cheng’s pockets while he was lying on the ground.

An investigation sparked immediately after the incident happened and investigators were led to the address on Washington Street after tracing the delivery order number.

Davis’ arraignment was scheduled for this past Monday, January 21, 2019. According to prosecutors, Davis had tried to place a food order at May’s Café earlier in the day, too. When the first delivery man appeared at the door, he immediately became nervous and left the house without completing the delivery.

Davis admitted to the police that he had stolen $200 from Cheng’s pants pockets after allegedly stabbing him with the samurai sword. According to police, Cheng had immediately dialed 9-1-1, to which he stated he was lying on the ground with stab wounds. When police arrived, Cheng was still lying on the ground. The stab wounds were found on his lower back.

Once Cheng was transported to a nearby hospital, he was rushed into surgery. The hospital had to complete a 6-hour surgery to which they had to remove his kidney and gallbladder.

A GoFundMe account was set up shortly after the incident to try and help Cheng and his family out with the hospital and recovery bills. Within one week, the account raised approximately $11,000 to help the situation.