Boston, MA– Boston is a pretty big city and, as such, it has quite a few different options for traveling around from one part of the city to another. Of course, you always have the ability to walk if you are simply traversing short distances. There are also taxi cabs, regular cards, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, the public transportation system of the MBTA, and, of course, the varying lines of the MBTA subway in Boston. For human beings, these are all reasonable choices and can help for travel from Southie to Beacon Hill or the North End to Back Bay and everything in between. For squirrels, things are a bit different.

Most of the time, you'll see squirrels running wherever they need to go with a paranoid look on their faces. And it always seems like they decide to race across the street when there is a threat of death and never when there are no cars coming. But squirrels cannot just call a Lyft. They don't have any pockets!

But they also don't have any cell phones, of course. Fortunately, one passenger on Boston's red line did have their cell phone at the ready to snap a very adorable photo of one squirrel's adventure around the city.

Just a picture of a squirrel riding the red line from boston

Reddit user u/Me_Myself_And_I shared a photograph of a squirrel that was hitching a ride on the red line. The picture depicts it looking a bit nervous, but not so nervous that it cannot find solace in a position on the arm of another passenger. That passenger must either have some experience with squirrels or is just so desensitized to the myriad oddities seen on the red line that a squirrel on the arm can be labeled as a "good day."

And to be honest, it does not seem like the squirrel is bothering anyone and it's not committing the faux pas of manspreading, taking up multiple seats all on his own. And it's not some sort of mariachi band or breakdancing group that is causing a ruckus. So you do you, squirrel, you ride that train. But keep in mind buddy, you might be late for your appointment if you're relying on the T!