Springfield, MA– The city of Springfield recently announced that a police officer in the department has been reinstated following an appeal after his second dismissal, MassLive reports.

Springfield police officer, Anthony Bedinelli, was let go from his job in March 2018. This was the second time Bedinelli was fired from the department. Each time, his dismissal has been overturned through arbitration. Bedinelli was first hired back in 1996.

The first dismissal from the department happened in 2007 when Bedinelli was fired by Police Commissioner Edward Flynn after getting into an off-duty brawl the night after Christmas. The brawl occurred at approximately 2 a.m. at the Worthington Street bar. Bedinelli was accused of attacking two women while they were arguing with the bartender.

Bedinelli appealed the department’s decision to fire him. He was later reinstated in 2009 and received two years of back pay.

The most recent dismissal of Bedinelli from the Springfield Police Department was handled by Commissioner John Barbieri, who fired him in March of last year. According to Mass Live, this decision was made after Bedinelli was investigated for two separate instances regarding his conduct both on and off duty.

Bedinelli was accused in November 2017 of hitting a woman in the chest twice and using pepper spray on her. Another case was reported in February 2018, where he was involved in an instance of domestic violence which was brought to the department’s attention. In all, Bedinelli has been the subject of 18 separate interval investigations throughout his career.

He was terminated last March from the police department after a review of the two incidents detailed above by the Community Police Hearing Board.

Bedinelli's termination was overturned this month with the help of the American Arbitration Association. A date has not been provided as to when the police officer’s first day back will be.