Boston, MA - Chef Tyson Pickette was walking home from work at Cambridge's Saloniki Greek at around midnight, when he was approached by two men near the Southwest Corridor Park. His jaw is now wired shut after an alleged mugging and assault.

According to Pickette and police reports, Pickette had refused to hand over anything to the two men, to which he was then punched in the face and head multiple times. At the end of the attack, the chef had had serious injuries to the face and head, leading medical professionals to input two steel plates in his jaw where it had been broken.

In an interview, Pickette stated that he wanted to feel safe in his neighborhood, not afraid (which is what he was). Many officials agree with Pickette, he should not be afraid to go out walking in his neighborhood, whether it’s a leisurely walk or a walk home from work.

The Boston Police Department is currently out there looking for the attackers of the incident that happened in Southwest Corridor Park last Friday evening. According to officials and reports, the two men had gotten away from the scene before any emergency help had arrived on the scene. The two men had also gotten away with Pickette’s cell phone. Tracking had been conducted on the phone in the police station, pointing officers to a Roxbury location.

Information has yet to be leaked of what happened after the cell phone was tracked to this location. As of now, no information regarding arrests has been leaked.

Chef Tyson Pickette will be alright after he heals from the wounds to his jaw, face, and head. All in all, Pickette made it out with no permanent injuries.

Officials have yet to decide what jail time will look like for the two men involved in the incident. The case will most likely be brought to the courts within the next month, after the New Year.

No other witnesses were present at the time of the attack in the Southwest Corridor Park on Friday evening.