BOSTON – Many cities around the world are so well-known for their culinary scenes that they are practically synonymous with cuisine.

Boston is not defined by the great food and myriad restaurants it has, partly, I would argue, since the sports, culture, and history scenes are so strong in the city. But that does not mean that Boston restaurants are sub-par. They are just a larger piece of the culturally diverse and lively puzzle that is the city of Boston. We are not defined by our food, but we are not afraid to boast how good our eats are either.

Every year, Boston Magazine honors the best food offerings in the Hub by releasing a self-explanatory list entitled "Best Restaurants in Boston." In 2017, Manoa Poke Shop received the honor of being number one on the list. In 2018, this commemoration was bestowed upon Craigie on Main. As for the 2019 winner of "best restaurant in Boston," that title now belongs to Tasting Counter, which can be found in Somerville.

Tasting Counter, founded by Peter Ungar, opened in 2015 and has delighted the taste buds of Bostonians ever since. Writing about the chef and his restaurant, Boston Magazine said, "Away from sky-high Boston rents, Ungár has room to experiment—and reveal what unencumbered talent tastes like."

The conceit of Tasting Counter is quite experimental in that all diners sit on one of the twenty seats available around the counter that contains the staff who are cooking the meals for their plethora of patrons. As pointed out by the magazine, dishes at Tasting Counter include octopus topped with charred strawberry. Your taste buds can expect to be harnessed in the most unexpected of ways in a comfortable environment that will make you feel right at home as you get to know everyone around you (and the chefs too!) in the intimate setting.

Rounding out the top five are Asta in the Back Bay, Uni in the Back Bay, SRV in Southie, and O Ya in the Leather District.

Photo by Fabrizio Magoni on Unsplash