SOMERVILLE – In a year where Boston has been defined by the myriad mishaps of the MBTA, sometimes it seems like the only solution might be to set fire to the whole system. Not suggesting anyone would do this on purpose. But it would offer a clear "reset" button to the whole mess, if it all just burned up and we got to start over.

Located in Somerville is the maintenance hub for all the things related to MBTA repairs and upkeep. At this designated facility, malfunctioning trains are made good-as-new. Right.

Early this morning, a train fire began at the MBTA maintenance facility in Somerville and it rapidly spread to the rest of the building, even taking hold of the roof of the space for train storage. Located near North Station, many probably thought their MBTA commutes would be derailed for the rest of the day because of this fire, before learning that it was actually raging at Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility. Fortunately, since Somerville Fire Department crews responded to the fire by six o’clock in the morning, it was contained. No injuries have been reported at the scene, but there is definitely a good chance that the trains are not in good shape. (When have they ever been?)

In addition to the lack of injuries, the actual lines for the MBTA were not impacted in any way and service is expected to continue as scheduled. (Regular MBTA problems notwithstanding.)

A video of the fire and those from the Cambridge Fire Department working to extinguish it was shared by Breana Pitts of WBZ.

Per the Twitter responses from the Cambridge Fire Department, the fire has been extinguished by the crews. Be sure to check in next week for the latest MBTA catastrophe.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Seth Tisue