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Someone Broke Into This Home, And Left It in Better Condition Than They Found It

Someone Broke Into This Home, And Left It in Better Condition Than They Found It

Marlborough, MA– Whenever spring rolls around, there are plenty of traditions that people embrace to mark the changing of the seasons and the renewal of life. One of these traditions is spring cleaning, which many people use as a way to force themselves to finally take on the cleaning of their houses, rooms, cars, and more, especially when they have been putting it off for a long time. For the most part, people limit their spring cleaning to what they own personally, but in Marlborough recently, someone just could not get enough of the spring cleaning festivities, and they took it to the next level.

NBC reports that last week, Nate Roman, a 44-year-old Marlborough resident, came home with his five-year-old son. He noticed the back door of his house was wide open. Fearing the worst, Roman approached his house with caution. Upon inspecting the house, he noticed the smells of bleach and cleaning supplies, and everything seemed to be tidied in an impressive manner. Even his son's bedroom, which was messy when they left the house, was immaculately organized and clean. What's more, the house's toilet paper rolls had been carefully folded into 5-star hotel-quality rose designs. The only untouched room was the kitchen.

Roman had no idea what to make of the situation and, in response, he called the police out of confusion, as he said recently to NBC News. The police, however, scrounged up no leads and could not get to the bottom of what had happened at Roman's home.

Roman later explained that he had forgotten to lock the back door and turn on the home alarm system, so the situation was a needed wake-up call and it could have been a lot worse because not one thing was stolen from his house and no one was hurt, unless you count a bit of elbow grease on the cleaners' part.

The current thought among the Marlborough community is that a cleaning company went to the wrong house, but in a situation this unprecedented, anything could be the reason. Maybe it was a Cat in the Hat situation where the "criminal" came in on a vehicle with over thirty hands to make everything spotless simultaneously.

How does this work? If they found who came in, would you even press charges? It's uncharted territory and I'm definitely interested in keeping tabs on this story.