A Winter Advisory Report was issued Saturday, December 15, 2018, regarding the incoming storm that brought areas of Massachusetts sleet, freezing rain, and even some snow.

The good news about this Winter Advisory Report: Most areas of Massachusetts will only be getting the rain portion of the storm, that is, the Interstate 495 loop, for the most part. Areas that are likely to experience sleet and freezing rain are said to be the Middlesex and Worcester County.

Light sleet and rain crowded some areas in Massachusetts around noon on Sunday.

For the remainder of the day, and for some of the time at night, the storm will continue to bring rain. Eastern Massachusetts is said to experience heavy rainfall at times throughout the evening.

The Route 2 corridor is said to hold onto below-freezing temperatures throughout the night, antagonizing light sleet and freezing rain to come forward. This may make the roads a little extra slippery, so be careful when driving ladies and gentlemen, especially on the highways. The later it gets, the lower the temperatures will get, so keep this in mind.

As the sleet and rain dwindle away, the snow is expected to drop in for a short period of time. Late hours of the night on Sunday and early morning hours on Monday are expected to see some light rainfall. Snowfall is not said to be heavy, but with the sleet, freezing rain, and snow mixture, weather and driving conditions may lean in on the bad side for the next several hours.

All in all, the Winter Advisory Report issued is said to come in with under an inch of snow for the Boston areas. Boston and surrounding towns in Massachusetts are warned to be careful of thin layers of black ice on the road this evening and early tomorrow morning.

Once Tuesday roles around the corner, temperatures are said to stay stagnant in the 20s. Wind chills may bring the temperature down a few degrees.

As the week goes on, temperatures are said to be more moderate with an increased chance of sunshine.