BOSTON - Sixty people who recently attended a biotech conference were brought to Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital to be tested for the coronavirus.

According to the Boston Herald, the sixty individuals were brought to the hospital Friday evening after it was determined that five individuals who attended the conference last week at the Marriott Long Wharf downtown are presumed to have the virus. The five still need to be assessed by the CDC.

Following the incident, Mayor Martin Walsh and Gov. Charlie Baker held a press conference at City Hall to inform the public about the “rapidly evolving situation.”

Meanwhile, Brigham and Women’s Hospital has also issued a statement about the sixty individuals being assessed for the coronavirus.

“The Massachusetts Department of Public Health asked Brigham and Women’s Hospital to assist in testing individuals who attended the Biogen conference in Boston last week for COVID-19,” the hospital said in a statement.

“We have activated our central ambulatory screening and testing plan and will test patients outside of the hospital in the ambulance bay.”

Adding, “Our Emergency Medicine colleagues will manage the testing, and individuals will return home to await results. We do not anticipate an influx of inpatients or any impact to hospital operations or normal patient activity.”

Biogen has also issued its statement involving those who attended the conference. 

“We are actively working with all relevant departments of public health and hospitals to prioritize the well-being of the people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

“We have informed employees who attended the management meeting and are symptomatic that, if they haven’t already, they will be contacted by the public health authorities to be tested and they must quarantine themselves. Additionally, these employees are being asked to isolate from the people they live with (e.g. family members, loved ones or roommates) until further notice, and these close contacts must also be quarantined until further notice.

“For meeting attendees who are not showing symptoms, individuals are being asked to stay in quarantine until further notice, and the people they live with should avoid social interaction and work from home.

“All other office-based Biogen employees and contractors in Massachusetts, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and Baar, Switzerland are being asked to work from home until further notice.”

As of Saturday, there is now one confirmed case of coronavirus with 12 presumed cases, per the website.

Image via Wikimedia Commons