AGAWAM – Well, if there are any psychopaths reading here lately, then you might as well take a look at this opportunity. Because you would truly have to be a special kind of person to consider undertaking something like this. For $600.

Six Flags New England is offering $600 to the person who can stay in a two-by-seven coffin for thirty consecutive hours on October 12 into October 13 at the theme park as a part of their annual Fright Fest. This is the second annual coffin-based event, with hundreds of people registering last year and six people winning. However, I'm not sure I could ever be one of those people.

I mean, think about it. Yeah, it will be as safe as all things like this can be. But it won't feel safe. (Or maybe that's just my own paranoia.) Regardless, it's probably easier than I'm making it out to be and maybe you could just knock back some sleeping pills and walk away with $600 for doing literally nothing.

But if you think about it, $600 is way too little. They should give people at least $1,000 for doing this. Yes, you're technically getting paid $20 an hour, but that's only slightly more than minimum wage. When you're doing an endurance test like this, it should be massively more than minimum wage!

I don't know, maybe I just scare easily. But it seems like there are better ways that you could make $600. Ways that would be less potentially mentally traumatizing and physically demanding.

However, they do allow for six minute breaks every eighty minutes and one "get out free" card that allows you a free moment from the coffin without being disqualified, so maybe it's not that bad and I'm just being dramatic.

Actually, wait a minute. In the event of a tie, contestants are forced to speed-eat chicken wings that register at a one million on a scale of hotness. Why are so many people masochists? To each their own, I suppose.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay