Boston, MA– The morning after can be a fun time to look back on the events from the evening before, as you try to piece together various happenings from your cell phone photos. If you are someone who is on the outside looking in, it can be even more entertaining to try to make guesses and draw conclusions based on a very small amount of eyebrow-raising evidence. Looks like a driver in Brighton got flustered and ended up taking a bit of a trip over the curb.

Someone was drunk in Brighton last night from boston

Reddit user u/gameplayuh shared an image of a bent pole, strewn fence, and tire tracks in the dirt recently after observing the sight while on a walk with their dog through Brighton. Located near the street intersection of Kinross and Sutherland, as observed by another user, u/RobutRayGun, it was definitely the site of a mini catastrophe for an evening driver in Brighton.

This user also observed that it was not likely a drunk driver, as u/gameplayuh joked, because they used to live in the building and the roads in the area are not easy to navigate. They said that the corner is always an awkward one to drive towards, so what likely happened was that a truck driver was driving on Kinross, but then realized they could not make the turn onto Sutherland. In response, the driver then gave up on that left turn and instead attempted a multi-point turn and ended up backing over the fence when the truck drove back onto the curb before finally leaving the scene.

It's reminiscent of a famous John Mulaney joke when the comedian sees a wheelchair toppled over on the sidewalk and says, "You hope it was a miracle. But probably not."