Boston, MA - Two people are dead and a third person is recovering from serious stab wounds after an assault at an apartment building in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood happened. The incident happened late on Monday night, November 19, 2018.

At 60 Bickford Street in Boston is where the incident happened. Boston police officers rushed to the scene as soon as they received the call. The scene played out in a hallway of the apartment building, where both a gun and a knife were drawn. The specifics of which person brought which weapon has yet to be released.

When police officials arrived, they found 3 victims at the scene, 2 men and 1 woman. One man and one woman were both found with multiple gunshot wounds. The other man was found with severe flesh wounds from the knife that was pulled.

The male victim that was shot was found dead upon arrival at the scene. The female victim was rushed to the local hospital for proper treatment. She died later that night due to her serious injuries. Both victims were believed to be in their thirties.

The shooting and stabbing scene happened near the Boston Children’s at Martha Eliot. It happened close to the Stop and Shop grocery store down the street.

Police have yet to gather all information, but from what they could tell, the victims all knew each other in some way. While the third victim is recovering from his stab wounds, police officials are narrowing down on what’s now to happen of the man.

As of now, there are no known witnesses to come forward to speak to police officials. If there have been any witnesses, the police have not shared such information with the public.

Police officials have only stated that the three victims were involved in this shooting and stabbing, there was not another person involved according to reports. The matter to which the stabbing and shooting took place is yet to be revealed.

No additional information can or will be leaked at this point and time.