BOSTON – As someone who grew up in NYC, I was lucky enough to grow up in those iconic times when Shake Shack was just starting out. I can remember days after preseason in high school when my friends and I would each get two or three burgers each in order to refuel our overactive teenage metabolisms. Eventually, I moved to Boston. So did Shake Shack.

Currently, Shake Shack has four locations across Boston, but it's adding a fifth (and sixth!). The new Shack would be located at 322 Washington St, across the street from a McDonald's and, of course, a Dunkin'. They also added they might be serving breakfast, and could operate as late as 1am, which will make the downtown bar scene very happy. The sixth location will be in Watertown in 2020 at Arsenal Yards.

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer explains why they're expanding so heavily in Boston: “Shake Shack has always looked for cities outside of New York where we love to be,” said Meyer. “And cities that care about food. We don’t need another burger in any city. Every city we’ve ever met already has its fair share of burgers, so we want to go to a city that says, ‘Yes, but we don’t have Shake Shack.’ That’s what we were hearing from Boston.”

The other locations include the original Boston one in Chestnut Hill, which opened in 2016. They then added locations in Harvard Square, Newbury Street, and Dedham.

From what I can tell, Bostonians seem to love the presence of Shake Shack in our city. While the Newbury Street one is mostly for tourists, the Seaport location is often packed, especially during lunch time. One can imagine in a similar area that has so many 9-5 workers, this location will have a line out the door most weekdays anytime between 12-2.

So, we'll keep you posted, but feel free to walk by that location in the coming months to see the progress they make!

Image via Flickr / m01229