Somerville, MA - When Saus first opened in 2008, it was a bit of a gamble. While it’s not a far stretch for diners raised on Colonel Sanders’ heat lamp warmed disposables to graduate to poutine, kimchi fried chicken and… yes, fries, the idea of opening up a Belgian influenced late night eatery in the middle of Faneuil Hall was going to be a niche. Particularly given that for many Americans, Belgium’s more renown for beer, art heists and soccer hooligans than their actual cuisine (don’t worry, Saus has plenty of the former and virtually none of the latter.)

It’s a gamble that paid off. Especially considering that Saus began its operations several years prior to the current street food craze. After 10 years of Friday night lines that often reach around the block (even in the bitter cold,) Saus recently expanded to a new location in the revitalized Bow Market in Somerville. And once again, Saus is gambling a second time around; this time, with an all vegetarian menu.

“We all recently went vegetarian or vegan in our own personal lives for our own reasons,” said co-owner Tanya Walker. “We wanted that to reflect in our business. When we opened the first location, we were in our early 20s, and it reflected how we ate and wanted to eat. As we developed the second one, we wanted it to reflect our new chapter.”

Vegetarian fare can be somewhat hit or miss in the Boston area. For every Clover or the wistfully remembered Buddha’s Delight, there’s a whole host of organic juice chains offering uninspiring salads and wraps at exorbitant prices. But Saus has never been solely about meat-centric offerings. Even the vegetarian adverse might find it easy to be fooled by their meatless menu; cheaply and satisfyingly.

It may seem against its very nature to serve a vegetarian poutine; but Saus has managed to do so. In addition to the specialty frik sandwiches they were known for. And given that Saus has always maintained one of the most innovative rotating beer lists in the Faneuil Hall area, it reasons that the new location will also play host to ideal craft brew accompaniments.

“We always thought Somerville would be a good second location,” Walker said. “So we were keeping an eye out. We were introduced to the developers through a mutual friend. We heard their vision, and it’s very different from our original location. We just loved the whole idea of what they were doing. It was just a really awesome concept.”

The grand opening of the Bow Market location of Saus is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th at 11:30 am at One Bow Market Way in Somerville. Hours are expected to be Wednesday - Thursday from 11:30 am –10 pm, Friday - Saturday from 11:30 am.– 12:00 am and Sundays from 11:30 am - 8:00 pm. For more information, visit