Massachusetts Seeing Paper Shortages Again.

Some believe the shortage could be due to the return of school with teachers attempting to keep classrooms clean. [WCVB]

Big E Foods Made Available Following Cancellation Of Fair.

Three spots are offering popular food from the fair food given the sad cancellation of the annual event. [Masslive]

David Ortiz Shares COVID-19 Positive Results.

Ortiz shared the news during Friday night's game against the New York Yankees, speaking out about the seriousness of the virus. []

Will Massachusetts Celebrate Halloween?

Here is what officials are saying about the upcoming holiday. [NECN]

Rhode Island's In-Person Schooling Success Much Different Than Massachusetts.

Some believe Rhode Island was able to send more students back to in-person schooling due to a different leadership style of governors. [Boston Globe]

Celtics Argument Erupts Following Game Two.

Following the team's loss to the Heat, it was reported an argument erupted in the locker room among Marcus Smart and the others. []

Some Residents May Get Religious Exemption For Flu Shot.

Since the 1980s, Massachusetts has seen an increase in the use of religious exemptions. [Masslive]

Davis Farmland Continues Corn Maze Tradition With Precautions.

Visitors can only travel in one direction due to the coronavirus. [CBS Boston]

Image via Wikimedia Commons