Logan Airport To Make Cuts.

Boston's Logan Airport will be making cuts due to the coronavirus, shutting down terminals, and parking garages.  [Masslive]

Brockton Imposes Curfew Due To Rising Coronavirus  Cases.

The city is implementing a curfew for residents and visitors between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., effective Saturday. [WCVB]

Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts.

As of Friday, Massachusetts health officials reported 13 new deaths related to COVID-19 with 431 new cases. [Boston.com]

Severe Thunderstorms In The Forecast For This Weekend.

There will be a  chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon hours up until Tuesday. [NECN]

Convenience Store Clerk Who Was Shot In The Head Dies. 

Tanjim Siam, who was shot in the head during a robbery in July, has died due to  his injuries. Siam was 24-years-old. [Boston Herald]

Laptop Shortage Affecting The United States.

With many set to learn  remotely, many stores are experiencing a shortage of laptop. [Boston.com]

Bike Week In Laconia, New Hampshire Begins.

The annual bike event has kicked off but with restrictions. [WCVB]

Many College Students Looking For Cut In Tuition. 

With more colleges looking to conduct schooling online, students do not believe they should be  paying regular tuition rates. [NECN]

Image via Wikimedia Commons