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Sam Adams Release New England IPA for Super Bowl LIII

Sam Adams Release New England IPA for Super Bowl LIII

Boston, MA - Sam Adams is at it again, unleashing a brand-new beer just in time for the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday.

Sam Adams finds that releasing new beers for a limited amount of time during sports championships is a good idea, especially considering the fans love and adore the gesture. This time, the beer company has released what they call, “Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here,” in honor of Tom Brady’s career and upcoming Super Bowl.

There’s a catch though, as only approximately 200 people will get to actually purchase a beer.

According to the Sam Adams representatives, the beer will come in a goat-themed can, basically clarifying Tom Brady as a great quarterback.

The IPA will only be available from 4:30 to 7:30 P.M. this upcoming Thursday, at a celebration held at the Boston Brewery and Tap Room. Included with this celebration will be live entertainment, free food, and New England Patriots’ souvenirs. In addition to the cans being offered, the beer will be offered on tap until whatever kegs they have available are kicked.

The founder of Sam Adams, Jim Koch, came forward to state that he and his team want to support the New England Patriots 100% this upcoming Sunday, and they thought this would be the best way to do so, especially for fans that are unable to attend the game.

The beer weighs in at about 7.8% ABV. The flavors and aromas that are offered with each sip will resemble candied peach and pineapple. Check it out and join the party this Thursday, January 31, 2019, at 30 Germania Street in Boston. But wait, there’s a bonus! Free wings and at least one sample of the beer per person that attends!

A part of this new beer being released had to do with the upcoming wagering brewer’s bet between two Boston breweries and two Philly breweries. The Boston breweries, Samuel Adams and Jack’s Abby are wagering against the Philly breweries, Yuengling and Victory Brewing Company. Whichever team loses has to wear the winner’s team’s representative gear. In addition, the losers will have to wear the winner’s team’s ‘signature mask,’ meaning Philly breweries will have to wear the goat mask and Boston breweries will have to wear the dog mask.

For this entire week, Samuel Adams and Jack’s Abby will be collecting donations to help the bald eagle foundation (a preservation foundation) and Yuengling and Victory Brewing Company will be collecting donations to help the Freedom Trail (also a preservation foundation.

If the New England Patriots end up winning the Super Bowl this Sunday, the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Tap Room will be offering a complimentary beverage to all customers on Monday, February 5, 2019.