Roxbury, MA– Alina Lopez-Thomas from Roxbury found a red-and-yellow parking boot lock secured tightly to her SUV’s tire on Friday, March 8, 2019. She called the police because the parking boot was not placed there by a city worker, as she first assumed. It turns out, the tire lock was put there by an angry neighbor.

If you went outside to find a boot locking your vehicle’s tire into place, you’d probably automatically assume that the city put it there. Maybe you’d think of how many unpaid parking tickets you have on file and call the city to see if there was an unpaid fine that gave them a reason to lockdown or tow your car. Lopez-Thomas did not have any outstanding fines from the city; instead, her neighbor was displeased with her decision to park in the spot he'd shoveled out, and decided to cause some trouble for her.

According to CBS Boston, Lopez-Thomas’ neighbor told her, “You parked in my space that I shoveled out.” Her response was, “The storm happened on Monday. It’s Friday.”

The neighbor has yet to be identified because the police have not determined if he will be charged with a crime. The boot only caused minor damages to Lopez-Thomas’ SUV. Police say that the man may be accused of vandalism because of the minor damage.

Patti Talbot, another neighbor, stated that parking might be difficult in the neighborhood, but using a boot as a locking mechanism was a petty move. Talbot also said, “It was wild. I couldn’t imagine why he would do it unless it was in the heat of the moment.”

After Lopez-Thomas called the local police, the man removed the boot from the SUV’s tire. The cops showed up to obtain statements from both parties. Lopez-Thomas stated, “The other officer had said after that in all his time and service that he’s never seen anything like this. This was by far the craziest thing that he saw.”

Whether the man will be charged with a crime is still unclear. Lopez-Thomas did state that she’d be pressing charges come Monday morning.