ROWLEY – The MBTA Transit Police Bomb Squad was brought in to investigate a pressure cooker left unattended on a bench at Rowley commuter rail station during the early morning Monday commute.

According to NECN, the discovery prompted a halt to the Newburyport Line, causing delays until police could assess the scene and investigate the unattended package.

Police were called around 6 a.m. to look into the matter. They immediately shut down the station, evacuating the public and those in nearby homes as a safety precaution.

The bomb squad was then deployed to assess the scene and confirm that the pressure cooker was not an improvised explosive similar to the two pressure cookers used back in 2013 as an act of terrorism at the Boston Marathon.

After looking into the matter, it was discovered that several kitchen appliances were left on Depot Way near the station. Out of the pile of appliances, it appears someone took a pressure cooker and left it on a bench at Rowley Station.

“Officers on-scene made note of a pile of discarded kitchen appliances and items on Depot Way. A neighbor reported seeing a pressure cooker with the other items on Sunday,” the police shared in a statement.

Adding, “It is believed that someone took the item from the pile of discarded ‘free’ items and placed it on the bench.”

After determining that the pressure cooker was “harmless”, MBTA Transit police reopened Rowley Station just after 7 a.m.

Delays are expected for the rest of the day due to the incident, as shared by

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Pi.1415926535