FOXBOROUGH - Rob Gronkowski's life has been one that has been defined by how many people would love to live vicariously through him. That is to say that many people would love to play professional football, but many people would also love to party all the time and have a demeanor that encourages the fun-loving side of life to come through. Gronk is a role model for the wild child in all of us, even if we both know when to temper ourselves, just a touch.

However, Gronk recently revealed that he did something that every Patriots fan would have killed to have the opportunity to do. Truly, this latest action is among his most enviable of all-time.

Gronk recently made an appearance on Pardon My Take, a podcast on the Barstool Sports podcast network. While there, he told a story about when he was informed that he had been selected as one of the tight ends on the NFL 100 team. The process of letting players know about their selection was to call them, but Gronk was not privy to this.

Therefore, when he did not recognize the number that was calling him, he decided to not pick up the phone. They called back again and Gronk decided that he would mess around with what he was sure was a prank call. He threw his voice while talking to the man on the other line, who claimed to be Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, as shared by WEEI Radio. Hanging up the phone, Gronk was sure it was a prank until he eventually decided to investigate the claim further. Goodell did not mention Gronk's high-pitched impression, but it is a totally hilarious thing for Gronk to do. He does not even seem like the type to be embarrassed by it!

Every Patriot fan would have loved to troll Goodell like this. The full story was shared in video format by the Pardon My Take Twitter feed and it can be viewed below.

This is definitely a humorous little tidbit provided by Gronk that can act as a major reprieve from the dour Tom Brady news that has consumed New England sports media. Sometimes, you just want to have fun and not think that the sky is falling. Gronk has always been a role model for that way of life.

Image via Flickr/WEBN-TV