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Rob Gronkowski Had Some Fun at the Billboard Music Awards

Rob Gronkowski Had Some Fun at the Billboard Music Awards

Foxborough, MA– When Rob Gronkowski announced that he would be retiring during the 2019 NFL off-season, I had a very clear prediction for what the future had in store for Gronk. I foresaw him having a long and illustrious career in entertainment as some sort of actor or comedian or lovable personality. He just seems like the type! He's a fun-loving guy who loves to party and I easily saw him following in the footsteps of people like Terry Crews, Shaquille O'Neal, Dwayne Johnson, and John Cena as athletes with incredibly muscular builds who eventually made the leap into acting.

It's worked out so far for the people mentioned above. Crews is a main cast member on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Shaq has made a killing on TNT and in a number of Adam Sandler-led comedies. Johnson is one of the biggest stars in the entire world. And Cena has been in a number of worthwhile comedies, including Sisters and Blockers. In a few years' time, I can definitely see Gronk joining them in the pantheon of all-time great athletes-turned-actors.

Now, we are beginning to see the first steps of Gronk following his path to international super-stardom with the immense amount of fun he had at 2019's Billboard Music Awards. His first acting job since retirement from football saw Gronk portraying a security guard at the ceremony for the band, Florida Georgia Line. His role was to keep people from sitting in the seats occupied by the band, even if those people were famous singers like Kelly Clarkson. You can see a clip here, courtesy of his brother, Chris Gronkowski, on Twitter.

This was not the only role that Gronk played during the evening, however. The all-time tight end legend also presented the award for Top Rap Song at the ceremony. But guess who he presented alongside of?

That's right, Gronk presented the award with Crews! Perhaps Terry Crews is giving Gronk a few tips on how the former New England Patriot can successfully make the transition into acting. We, as Patriots fans, will certainly be following that journey!