Foxborough, MA– Just because Rob Gronkowski has officially retired from the NFL and from the New England Patriots, that does not mean that we're going to start suddenly missing out on all of the antics of Gronk, New England's favorite athlete slash party animal. On April 9, the Boston Red Sox held their home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park, and to celebrate their World Series championship from 2018, they invited the Patriots to the ballpark so they could simultaneously honor their reigning NFL title. Gronkowski was one of the Super Bowl champions in attendance for the pregame ceremonies.

Now, we are learning a bit more about what happened during that ceremony, as the Patriots official social media accounts and website uploaded a video with incontrovertible evidence that Gronk altered the physical condition of the Lombardi Trophy received by the Patriots.

While goofing around on the baseball diamond, wide receiver Julian Edelman wound up and threw a practice pitch to Gronk, who was holding the trophy like a baseball bat. Many expected Gronk to bunt, but he's not one to hold anything back. Gronk wound up and took a big swing with the trophy-bat, smacking the ball and leaving a dent in the trophy.

No one was surprised to see Gronk's antics actually result in the damage of the trophy, and it was not even the first championship trophy to be damaged as of late. During the duck boat parade for the 2018 World Series championship for the Red Sox, a fan threw a beer that connected with (and also dented) the World Series trophy. However, Gronk was also likely the player who started this whole trend of throwing beer cans at players when he caught one from a fan in 2017 and shotgunned it from the boat, to the great amusement of onlookers.

Regarding the dent in the trophy, the team says they will keep it from now because there is a story to be told. Edelman took to Twitter to discuss the issue with a simple, "No comment." And backup quarterback Brian Hoyer said that the dent was Gronk's "parting gift" and his "last mark" on the team. It's just Gronk being Gronk!