Last week, the hit ABC game show, $100,000 Pyramid, aired an episode that featured New England Patriots wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman and newly retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. I finally got around to actually watching the episode, and I have to say that it was a riot.

Edelman and Gronk began the episode with their respective partners and had a bit of banter with host Michael Strahan, a former member of the New York Giants. After the trio made some football jokes, Strahan showed a video recording from Tom Brady, who said that he loves both Rob and Julian, but that one of them was clearly a better football player. This pre-recorded message "cut out" due to "technical difficulties" just when Brady got to the answer, though. (It seemed like Gronk thought that Brady was actually going to give an answer, much to the amusement of the audience.)

Jules and Gronk proved to not necessarily be the best Pyramid players, but Edelman had a slight advantage over Gronk, even though he threw out some words that caused him to be bleeped when the code word was "breasts." Gronk was much better at guessing the answers to hints than at actually giving the clues. This was most strongly evidenced by the fact that Gronk referred to a jack-o-lantern as a big skeleton-esque figure. Not quite, Gronk.

After showing off Jules' pre-game hype-up technique for Gronk that saw him call Rob a "big, bad Gronk" as Gronkowski began mimicking the Hulk on the stage, it was Edelman who found his way to the Winner's Circle both times. Neither outcome led to ultimate victory for the contestant, but he did not perform as poorly as one would expect.

There is really nothing better than the off-season after a Super Bowl championship. We all just have so much fun!

Image via Flickr  / Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff