WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND - Yesterday, we wrote about the Mandarin Oriental hotel in the Back Bay, which is receiving extensive renovations to the property. It was named as one of the ten best hotels in Massachusetts by the U.S. News and World Report recently and has come to define luxury living in Boston. One of the only travel lists that can measure up to the U.S. News and World Report’s annual list of best hotels in the Forbes Travel Guide’s Star Award list.

The Star Award list is an annual ranking from Forbes that has been revered for over six decades now. Many use the list as a tome for where to eat, stay, and relax when traveling across the world. With an entire planet in contention for the rankings, it might seem unlikely that New England would be featured at all. However, on this year’s ranking, two hotels from New England cracked the top seventy hotels that are given five-star ratings by Forbes. What’s more, they are both located in Westerly, Rhode Island!

For only nine hotels of the 70 to be located in the U.S. and for two of them to be in the same spot of New England is impressive. But that is just a testament to how well-renowned Westerly is for its two, top-of-the-line hotels. These locations are the Ocean House and the Weekapaug Inn.

The Victorian-style Ocean House impressed Forbes voters thanks to its massive spa, private beach, a slew of free amenities, and an indoor saltwater pool. Ocean House has provided aspects of hotel living that are never before seen. Not to mention, they just renovated a great many rooms!

At the Weekapaug Inn, the activities were key. From kayaking to bird-watching to bocce ball, there was always something to do to have fun with your friends and family or just by yourself. With pristine conditions and a ton of fun, Weekapaug Inn already has a reputation for being a fun getaway.

Personally, when I have to decide where to stay while summering in New England areas outside of Boston, I tend to opt for people who rent rooms in their homes out on Airbnb. But if you are someone who only wants to stay in the best spots that the state of Rhode Island and the entirety of New England has to offer, then these seem like excellent options to choose from!

You only live once so you might as well pursue the opportunity to live in luxury while you can. Even if it is only for a quick stay in a hotel.

Image via Wikimedia Commons