Quincy, MA - The proliferation of craft breweries may not be a recent phenomenon, but the numbers are telling; it’s certainly not going away any time soon. There are currently 160 breweries across the Commonwealth alone, with 111 being commercially licensed tap rooms—more than twice from no less than five years ago. And those numbers are only expected to rise.

Similarly telling is the amount of Americans adopting a purely plant-based diet. Some 1.62 million people identified as vegans in 2017. Perhaps not significant given the U.S. population, but that’s an increase of almost 600% from a similar poll conducted by research firm GlobalData in 2014.

So why haven’t brew pubs in the Commonwealth help meet this growing trend?

Meet Rewild, a new vegan beer garden scheduled to open in Quincy on October 6th.

The brainchild of owner Pat McAuley—also founder of Barrel Z Brewery located in Weymouth, Rewild will offer a plant-based take on familiar pub favorites such as buffalo wings, fish and chips and vegetarian tacos, alongside a tap selection with an emphasis on South Shore Breweries.

“I realized that as a regular Boston dude, there was no vegan place to eat in a way that didn’t feel like you were walking into a juice bar,” said McAuley. “The goal was to make it approachable to everyone, and to make it a place where you can eat without any real stigmas.”

And the demand might be strong. So strong that Rewild recently sponsored a vegan food & drink festival earlier this month in Hull featuring live music and entertainment, after a successful pop up night earlier in January.

If both Quincy and Hull seems like incongruous places to celebrate a vegan lifestyle, they shouldn’t. The seedy dive bars (RIP, Hat Rack) and pizza joints have dwindled over the years, giving rise to a new generation of progressively minded millennials mixing comfortably alongside their culturally diverse population.

To this end, McAuley has decorated Rewild with graffiti art and plans on extending to live music and art shows in the future.

Its slated location on Hancock St is only temporary, however. Due to road expansion by city development, Rewild was only granted a temporary operating license. However, McAuley plans to keep the restaurant in Quincy indefinitely.

“Quincy is a really cool city, with a revival of downtown,” he said. “It’s becoming a more hip place for young professionals.”

Rewild is scheduled to open on October 6th at 1546 Hancock St, with an expected schedule of Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am. Due to licensing, alcohol will only be served during the weekend temporarily. For more information, visit eatrewild.com