BOSTON - Reported drug kingpin Cesar Emilio Peralta, who is connected to the shooting of former Red Sox player David Ortiz, has been taken into custody by Dominican authorities.

According to CBS Local news, the 44-year-old Peralta was arrested by authorities in Colombia. He is being charged after ordering a hit on his cousin, Sixto David Fernández, which went wrong, injuring David Ortiz (aka Big Papi) instead.

Big Papi was shot by Peralta’s hired hand, Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, back in June at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Ortiz sustained injuries that required immediate medical treatment and several surgies after he was shot in the torso. Ortiz ultimately recovered following the incident. It was later revealed that Ortiz was friends with the intended target Sixto David Fernández.

"I felt a burning sensation," Ortiz shared with the Boston Globe in one of the former baseball star's first interviews following the incident. "I felt weird, like not myself, as I went down."

"I had nightmares all the time about being in the desert, looking for water," Ortiz shared when speaking about his 40-pound weight loss nad difficult recovery following the shooting. "I would wake up with my mouth dry and feeling like I'm going to die."

Ortiz added, "I want to find out who did this. I'm not going to sit around and chill if there's somebody out there who wants to kill me."

Following his arrest weeks after the shooting, Rolfi Ferreira Cruz denied all charges involving the incident. Since then, authorities, including the FBI, have been on the hunt for Cesar Emilio Peralta.

Peralta was captured on Monday in Cartagena as part of an operation being conducted by Dominican authorities as well as Colombian and American authorities.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that Peralta was looking to escape to Panama to dodge the authorities and the FBI's Puerto Rico office, who offered an award of $100k for information leading to his arrest.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons