Boston, MA – A new poll conducted by WBUR shows that current MA Representative Michael Capuano (D) has stayed in the lead over his main democratic opponent, Boston city councilor, Ayanna Pressley. The two are both candidates in the running for the position of Representative in Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District.

Rep. Capuano, who has been in office for ten terms now, is believed to be supported by 48% of MA democratic voters in this new poll data. 35% of the voters surveyed preferred Pressley. These numbers have remained relatively constant since at least February, when a similar poll was conducted. However, the race has attracted much more media attention ever since a political upset in New York this past June, when 28-year-old democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat NY incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley in the state’s congressional primary. Ocasio-Cortez went on record supporting Ayanna Pressley’s MA congressional campaign soon after her own victory, tweeting, “Vote her in next, Massachusetts.”

Pressley’s campaign revolves around an “equity agenda” – she aims to address systematic discrepancies among various demographic groups within each central issue of her campaign. In discussing the main issues she wants to address, Pressley has mentioned “economic inequality, the wealth and wage gap, structural racism, gun violence.” She maintains that these issues can be addressed “through legislative intervention, through boldness and through intentional aptitude.” She is also a supporter of Medicare for All, as well as the abolition of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is a controversial position, showed in a recent survey to be supported by 21% only of voters; it is also a position which sets Pressley apart from incumbent Rep. Capuano.

While Capuano does not support the elimination of ICE, he does not approve of the current administration’s immigration policies. He wants to impede deportation as much as possible, preserve the US Dream Act, and welcome immigrants and refugees into the country. Capuano also supports gun control and the protection of US financial resources for Medicare. He is strongly opposed to the privatization of social security. Rep. Capuano has been vocal in his opposition of current US President Trump and aims to “continue championing progressive values and standing strong against Trump’s destructive agenda.”

The MA congressional primary is set to take place in almost a month, on Tuesday, September 4th.